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The Larnaca Port is a part of the infrastructure of an industrial business and tourist center of the island and it is the nearest seaport both to Nicosia, the country’s capital and to south eastern major agricultural and tourist areas of Cyprus. The Port serves both cargo and passengers and is the country’s main service  port for  the exports of  potatoes, carrots and  other agricultural  products. Transhipment of containers  and cars is also a major business of the      port. Great strides have been made    in developing facilities at Larnaca Port with the most recent the dredging of the north    quay to 12 meters, which is mainly used for container handling, the strengthening of    container handling equipment with two 40 ton panamax plus gantry cranes, which raised the    annual handling capacity of the port to some 250.000 TEUs.

Geographical      Location: Lat 34° 55′ N, Long 33° 39′ E
Use: Multipurpose
Regulatory      Status: Customs free area      for transhipment and distribution operations.
Breakwater      Port: Entrance Channel 12m. deep and 200m.      wide. Inner    harbour ship turning circle 300m. area, 12m. deep. Tide 0,5m. Outer anchorage – open      roadstead, Water depth 7,4m. – 14,7m.
    Marine Craft:     4 tug boats (up to 35 ton bollard      pull), 3 pilot    lounches (up to 22 knots).
Pilots:     3 plus the Port Manager      (all master mariners).


Berthing      Space: South quay – water depth 12    m. and length 340 m.,     North quay – water depth 10 m. and length 326 m.        Note: Multipurpose quays
Sea Shore Cranage: 2 container gantry cranes (panamax plus size 40 t.), 1 rail    mounted crane (45 t.) and 1 mobile container crane (35 t.).
    Stacking Yard:         100.000 sq.m., 3.000 ground slots, reefer installations are available.
Transfer and Stacking      Equipment: 4 front loaders (42 t.), 1 front loader (16 t.), 12 tug      masters, 30 trailers (40 t.).

Berthing      Space: Multipurpose, fixed quay      (north quay and part of south quay) length 326 m., water depth 10 m. plus floating quay      (west side of the basin) length 200 m., water depth 6,5 m., End of south quay      Ro-Ro ramp 50 m. wide, water depth 12 m. and parking space for freight      trailers.
Quay Side      Cranage: 1 level luffing crane (35 t.)     Also private owned shore mobile cranes are available.
    Open Paved Storage Area: 150.000 sq.m. total      area.
Covered Warehousing      Space: 3 sheds, total floor space 18.000      sq.m., dangerous    goods store, agricultural produce inspection shed.
    Transfer and Stacking Equipment:          2 forklifts (8 t.), 21 forklifts (2 – 5 t.), trailers    and terminal tractors.

Berthing      Space:
Multipurpose, north quay and    western part of south quay including Ro-Ro ramp, length 340 m., water depth 12 m., Ferry    boats also served at regular quays.        Note: Passenger & cruise ships receive    berthing on a priority basis.
Passenger Terminal Building: Area    3.500 sq.m. Facilities – duty free shops, banks, tourist information counter,    international telephone exchange, roof restaurant, lounge/cafeteria, ship – terminal    baggage transfer service, taxi service.
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