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Out of Gauge Shipping Services


Out of gauge cargo, refers to cargo higher or wider than will fit standard containers, can still be carried in open top, open-side or flat-rack containers. Cargo which is too large to be containerized, either by weight or measurement, can be shipped as uncontainerised cargo. This is performed either on a bed of flat-racks or by preparing a timber bed which is normally stowed on deck.

Heavy Lift cargo refers to items which are indivisible, and of weights generally accepted to be in the range of 1 ton to over 1000 tons and of widths/heights of more than 100 meters that are too large to fit into normal containers or onto conventional transporters. These oversized items are transported from one place to another (sometimes across country borders) then lifted or installed into place. Characteristic for heavy lift goods is the absence of standardization which requires an individual transport planning.

At the cornerstone of successful heavy lift or out-of-gauge work lies careful planning, strong ties with industry and governmental bodies, technical know-how and most of all a careful attention to detail.


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